The Dali Lama once said, “once a year, go someplace you have never been before”.  We have taken that to our heart, first as two solo travelers who found themselves in this beautiful world, then as a family.  6 Continents and 90+ countries later, we have had endless adventures, and we would love nothing more than to take you on that journey around the world with us.

Born of humble beginnings, I am not quite sure where my love of travel came from. I was a second generation child of immigrant grandparents, born and raised in the bustling streets of NYC. Yet, none of my family traveled – most didn’t even own a passport. My mom was a single, hardworking mom, and I convinced her when I was 16 years old that she, my grandmother, and I should all get passports and travel to Italy together- after much (much) persuasion, she succumbed and we had the time of our lives! The food, the culture, the music, the architecture, the sheer beauty of it all… I was officially bit by the travel bug, and new I wanted to spend the rest of my life repeating that same awe inspiring experience I had when I stepped foot in my first country.

Fast forward, many years later and I was blessed to meet someone who had the same passion I did- to see the world. Born of a road-trip family, who’s parents love to travel, he too loved to explore. He called his solo adventures Rollerblades and Redbull. When we met I asked him where he was going next, and he said South Africa, the very place I had just gotten back from- we knew in that moment it was destiny.

We fell in love, we got married, we traveled around the world… and then I became pregnant. I was terrified that our whole world will change. I still remember friends telling me that they they haven’t gone out to eat dinner, or gone to a movie for over 10 years once they had a child. We made a pact, that we would never lose our zest for travel, instead we would have our children explore the world with us. And that we did. This is to serve as a recollection of some of those travel stories, and hopefully provide you guidance, laughter, and inspiration as you plan your own journeys in this beautiful world. The tales will include the following:.

  • Solo Travels.

  • Romantic Rendezvous.

  • Family Fun

  • Tips and Tricks on traveling with small children

  • Experiences and recomendations.

  • Travel Photography

Our mission is to share our travel journey, our cherished memories, and tales of our adventures with all of you. Some FAQ are traveling with small children, logistics of where to stay, and eat, and how to travel on a dime (yes- you CAN see the world on a cost feasible budget have, we have!). I will cover these and other topics in our blog. If there is something you want to know more about, please let us know- no request is too big or small. We look forward to inspiring your next travel journey and hearing from you soon!


This is the heart of our Travel Journey. They have all travelled extensively and documented it perfectly so you can enjoy your adventures.

Michelle Ragusa-McBain

Wife, mom, VP of Global Channel & Digital Strategy @JSGNow, World Traveler, Animal Lover, Social-Media-a-Holic, Philanthropist

Jay McBain

Husband, father, channel expert @Forrester, futurist, blogger, speaker, world traveler, mariner & speed demon


We live in a diverse and global world. This inclusivity often brings about misunderstanding and conflict. However the true goal of diversity is to embrace our complexities and blessings. We hope this will show you how despite our many differences we are all more alike than different. Filled with love for our home, our family, our country and our people. We hope you enjoy the experience through our eyes, and we promise to celebrate our differences and similarities – today, and always.